Winter Vacation – Day 4

This morning we were set to be up at 8, but both slept through the alarm and ended up waking up at 8:41. We showered and packed up, then went down for breakfast. There were eggs, cold cuts, rolls, etc… but I just had a roll and a half with cheese (sort of like whipped cream cheese, I think) and two small Danishes. 

img_1999Our messy room!

img_2002The view from our room

img_2007The Pension (one of three buildings that make up Graham’s aunt’s)


We were on our way around 10:30, having to drop off Graham’s relative at her home near the boarder. We made another stop to see another relative and started the journey for real around 12:30. I snacked on apricots most of the afternoon (had maybe 10?) and then we stopped at an Austrian rest stop around 3:30. We split a sandwich (very tasty – prouscitto, tomato and mozzarella) and Graham had a coffee.



Back on the road, we had a lovely drive through the mountains around Innsbruck and arrived in Stueben around 6:30, I think. We found our hotel/guest house very easily and got settled quickly. The town is very small so we set out to find a restaurant. A small pizzeria also served German food, so we went there.



In Austria, you may be seated at a table with other people. At first we were alone – the only shot I got all night! Then, a trio came and then a couple. All in all, we had a great time – laughing and joking for a good two hours! They all spoke German, but I caught what I could. I had a small pepperoni pizza with a large beer and Graham had noodle soup, then schnitzel with fries, and two large beers and a small one. We also had a shot of Schnapps, on the house. A fun first evening and I can’t wait to take photos during the day tomorrow! And of food too, of course!


One Response to Winter Vacation – Day 4

  1. Loved the recaps! Glad your vacation was fun and that you ate good food!

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