Winter Vacation – Day 3

Big Goings-On Today!

We set out for Vienna this morning – ahead of schedule! We stopped about 10kms from the Austrian border for gas. Graham filled up with what he thought was diesel… about 15kms into Austria, we were pretty sure it had been gas. As the car was sputtering and lurching all over the road! We didn’t get a receipt, so we thought it would be best to drive back to the gas station and see what we had in fact put in. Ah yes… it was gas! Graham, with fairly proficient Czech, asked for help/advice from each person who pulled into the station. As all garages are closed on weekends, we needed to find friendly strangers to help! Graham had called his aunt and uncle, but they didn’t have a hose, only a jerry can. Anyway, about an hour after arriving back at the station, two guys pulled in, one on a tractor. They came right over to help. Soon after, another car pulled in, and what do you know?, the man lived just down the road (by about 30 seconds!) and had a ramp in his backyard! Graham said it’s leftover from communist days. About 30 minutes later, we were good to drive again. Graham bought a bottle of liquor at the gas station – yes, that is possible here! – as a thank you, then we were off to Vienna!


We had a great afternoon in Vienna – visiting the Arms & Armor Collection at the Imperial Palace, taking the tram around the city centre, having coffee… a very nice day! Here are some pictures…



img_1978Sorry for the blur…


 We were back to Graham’s aunt’s around 11, I think. Short, but sweet post! 🙂



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