Winter Vacation – Day 2

Day 2 on vacation… We had a weird sleep last night. After dinner, we both read, but Graham was exhausted. He closed his eyes around 9, and I followed soon after. At 2, I was wide awake! No sleep in sight. Graham was sort of dozing as well, so then we were both wide awake! I managed to get back to sleep around 3, but Graham was up reading the paper ‘til 4! We both then slept ‘til after 9. Hope it will be better tonight!

For breakfast, we had breakfast wieners (I had one, Graham had five!), bread and yogurt with granola.


We set out to explore around noon. First it was to the grocery store (Kaufland) where we got some snacks for the car (dried apricots, chocolate, etc), then to the train station to figure out the schedule for the narrow gauge railway. We had to be back for a certain time, but had enough time to go to the museum in town and then stop for tea and coffee with whipped cream (guess who had what?!) and a small snack (cookie and little pastry).




We took a half hour train ride on the little train, stopping at the town of Kamenice. It was too cold and damp to walk around, so we went in for a beer (Graham – two beer, Sarah – two sips). On the train ride back, we had our desserts purchased at Kaufland this morning.


img_1833The cream roll was Graham’s and the other one was mine. I can’t remember what was in it now, but it was tasty. Are you noticing a dessert/pastry trend yet?!?


After a somewhat circuitous route back to Graham’s aunt’s, we had to leave right away for dinner. We took his aunt, uncle and family friend out and went to the favourite restaurant of Graham’s dad – Shopinka – in the town of Třeboň. There, I had carp (the Czech specialty!) with a salad. I really, really wanted to take photos, but we were with Graham’s aunt and uncle and family friend, so it wasn’t really the place… the décor was really neat, too.


Now, back at the house, I’ve just had 4 Milka squares. We may be going to visit Graham’s cousin, I’m not sure yet. He’s downstairs trying to plan our trip to Vienna tomorrow.

Here’s a final photo of the day…




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