Winter Vacation – Day 1

Hello from Czech Republic! I am typing this the night of January 1st, but will have to wait to upload ‘til we are in Austria on Sunday. There isn’t Internet out here. [edited to add: we didn’t have Internet in Austria – it was a nearly Internet-free trip, as you know!]

Graham and I had a really busy day yesterday – getting everything ready, lunch out with a friend, visiting my grandfather in the hospital and to the airport for our flight! We timed it really well and looked around the shops in the terminal, got some food and then pretty much boarded right away.


While boarding/waiting to take off, I had some Sun Chips and a raisin tea biscuit from Tim’s. Once aboard, we were served dinner fairly quickly. I did take some photos, but unfortunately used Graham’s camera because I thought mine was up in the overhead bin. He didn’t bring his cord, and it’s different from mine. The food was fairly standard dinner fare – chicken in tomato sauce with rice, a roll, beet salad [Air Canada – what were you thinking on that one?!?] and a small dessert. They offered breakfast about two hours before landing in Frankfurt, but my stomach felt a little off, so Graham ate mine as well as his.


After a brief layover, we flew to Stuttgart. The flight was quick and the only interesting part was the pilot having to abort the landing because we went through an unexpected fog part. We circled and then tried again – with a safe landing.


We picked up our car in Stuttgart and started the trek to the Czech Republic. It is a fairly long drive and we were both really tired. Graham was a trooper and did a great job handling the small, windy roads. It does help that he’s been coming here since he was young!


Graham’s aunt so nicely fed us when we arrived around 8. One thing to note about Czech cuisine – it is very plentiful. Very plentiful. Graham’s aunt serves me a portion even too big for him, and then serves him double! Poor Graham has to eat what I don’t want/can’t stomach too. He’s like a vacuum cleaner while we’re here.

img_1805Sorry for the very bad photo! I was being sneaky with many of my photos, as you will see…


I will try and sneak food pictures when I can. I guess that’s all for today. I’m going to post a Christmas recap, as well as my New Years Resolutions, so I’ll work on those tomorrow. See you soon!


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