What have I been up to? (part 2)

Ok, where did I leave off!

Saturday night’s dinner with Graham’s parents and grandmother was excellent! Perfectly cooked duck, wild rice and salad. Our desserts were very tasty too. Graham’s dad brought these flowers…



Sorry, no other pictures from dinner!

On Sunday, we had a big moving day. Our sofa had to be returned to its rightful owner (we were only borrowing it), so we took that down to meet the moving truck at Graham’s sister’s house (where her friend was storing her belongings). We ate lunch/spent the afternoon there, then went to my parents’ in Mississauga. Graham and I got in a chilly run outside – our first one of the fall/winter! We moved my parents’ old sofa in around 11:30 that night. Long and tiring day!

Monday was uneventful at work and to look forward to our upcoming trip, we had a cheese fondue dinner!


I probably had about 15 pieces or so… and about three servings of salad. 

I finally finished Casino (soooo good!) and packaged up peppermint bark for my co-workers.


Sorry about the mess there in the background.

Tuesday was a snowy day – another one! I had to run an errand around lunch time so I got a salad from Tucker’s. Look at this box of salad!


I always get dressing on the side, but never have any. They “chop” the salad and I find it doesn’t need dressing. I always get Nicoise, minus the olives (added cucumber instead).

It was really snowing, so we all left work around 4. Graham and I had some errands to do, before heading down to his sister’s for dinner. We got there late, because of the snow and traffic, but had a nice roast beef dinner. 

Then it was back up and over for a Christmas party at the house of one of my co-workers. The snow was really bad and it took us so long to get there. But I’m glad we did – a really nice way to truly start into Christmas! We were home around 12:15.

This morning, I am “technically” still working, but from home. Headed downstairs for a run right at 8 and got in 5.1 miles. Graham and I used up some stale bread for French Toast…


Ok, gotta run! I have some things to wrap up before vacation can truly start. See you later for a Christmas Eve post!


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