Where were we…

I had a great day yesterday – haircut, hanging out at my parents’ with our dog, getting a few small things (soap dispenser, wrapping paper)…

Graham was in town around 5:45 and we headed to the party soon after. What a fun night!!! So much laughing, good food and amazing friends.

We had somewhat of a lazy morning today. Here was breakfast…


And then maybe another half 🙂

Here was today’s advent gift… the package on the back!


Holiday muffin papers! Thank you Santa! 🙂

Graham and I went to his parents’ to lunch, then to get our tree!




Graham went back to Sarnia, so I was on my own with the tree. I felt like I was smuggling a dead body into the building… I don’t know if we are allowed a real tree, so it was a little dicy. I only saw one person from the car to the door – the son of a neighbour. 

I won’t photograph the tree yet, because we don’t have any ornaments up. We’ll decorate it when Graham’s home. 

The evening’s been quiet – 5.1 mile run, quick trip to Canadian Tire, dinner, laundry, Amazing Race, shortbread cookies.


Sorry for the blur. That’s meatloaf that we made on the cooking spree weekend and froze, as well as sweet potato and raw veggie salad.


Guess that’s all for now. Hope you had a great weekend too!


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