2nd half of the weekend

2nd half implies that it is now over 😦

Ayayaye. I am not looking forward to work tomorrow.

Saturday’s dinner was steak, salad and baguette.


We headed out about 8:30 to a housewarming party at my director’s house. I thought there’d be some munchies, so we ate a full dinner. Well, turns out there was food galore! We both ate way too much! Home around 1:15, we both hoped for a good sleep.

But no. The neighbour’s alarm was going off again! I have to write that note…

For breakfast, we both wanted something small. I made some bran muffins…


We finally finished the ottoman cover! I will post pictures tomorrow – will take them in the daylight.

In the afternoon, we went out to Mississauga. Lunch was homemade soup and cheese and bread at Graham’s parents’ house. We then went to visit everyone over at his sister’s.

He left for Sarnia about 3:30. I didn’t want him to go. Since then, I’ve been to the bank and Walmart, made soup, finished two loads of laundry, made and ate dinner and watched Amazing Race.


The veggie lasagna was stolen from Graham’s parents’ – leftovers!


Yes, Graham, I ate the other half of the St Honore! Couldn’t let a good desert go to waste.

Time for bed now, I guess. Hope you had a great weekend. Hope your Monday starts your week off well.


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