Daring Bakers – November

Well, today is the day everyone’s been waiting for… November Daring Bakers! This month’s challenge was Caramel Cake.



The recipe comes from Shuna Fish Lydon and can be found here. The month’s hosts were Delores at Culinary Curiosity, Alex, Brownie at Blondie and Brownie, Jenny at Foray Into Food and Natalie at Gluten-a-Go-Go. Wow, lots of hosts!

I decide to halve the recipe. Since I wasn’t sure if that was enough for a cake in the pans that I have, I decided to do cupcakes. Also, I’ll be able to easily transport them to Mississauga tomorrow.

My caramel syrup went really well. Like others, I covered the top of the pot with tin foil. The syrup worked just fine on my first try! I made the syrup, then we went out shopping. Once home, I made the cupcakes. Then, I ran to the store for some groceries, including icing sugar. Once home again, I made the icing. My alteration to the icing was more salt, again as others had suggested. My icing’s consistency was a little hard. If I had piping supplies, it would have been nice to make the tops a little more decorative. But, I guess I’m still learning…


My half. The verdict? Very, very tasty! I liked getting a little salt in the icing. The cupcakes were moist on the inside but a little crunchy on top – very caramel-ish. 

Overall, I loved the taste!

Can’t wait for December…


One Response to Daring Bakers – November

  1. mmm…the salty sweet frosting was my favorite part! Great job with these!

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