Stitch in time…? still gives me a huge headache…

Well… today was one of those days. Fine until 4 o’clock. Then I found a mistake in my project. One of those mistakes where I am so glad that I caught it now. Down the road would have been a million times worse. But, it still sucks. I should have caught this and just feel like garbage. My boss is gone for the next three days, so not only do I have to fix the mistake, I have to wait til Friday to talk to her about it. Ugh… this sucks.

I got in a good de-stress run after I left my desk and it helped a little.

Home to dinner…


That’s Annie’s Mac and Cheese.

Do you like the new placemats?


After dinner, I had the last lemon cranberry scone and some Sweedish Berries (drowning my troubles in candies) and am watching DWTS now. 

Don’t even know how to finish this post… 😦


3 Responses to Stitch in time…? still gives me a huge headache…

  1. strongandhealthy says:

    Love your placemats! Your lemon cranberry scones look delicious!

  2. Hangry Pants says:

    Yes, I love the placemats. At least you caught the mistake when you did, right?

  3. hareandtortoise says:

    Thanks to you both! I love the placemats, too. I have so much red going on!

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