Back in T.O.

We came back yesterday from Muskoka – got the tasks done in the afternoon and it was so cold! -15!! There wasn’t a reason to stay overnight and none of us wanted to. We had an early dinner in Barrie – chicken fingers & fries – and then were back here around 7. We went out to see Bond at 8. The movie was pretty good. Entertaining, I’d say, but maybe not top-notch Bond?

Once home, I snacked on too many crackers and read my book.

This morning, we were once again awakened by the neighbour’s alarm clock. It seems she goes away on the weekend but forgets to un-set her alarm. Wouldn’t be so bad if it was music or news, but it’s the alarm beep. From 6:54 (when I first woke up) to 8:08. Eep. Nice way to wake up. Showered and dressed, I decided on breakfast. I had seen this post at Smitten Kitchen and decided today was a good day!




I had a second scone because they turned out so well! Not the most filling breakfast, maybe, but they were so tasty!

We’re off to meet a friend who is passing through town for coffee, so see you later!


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