Canada, baby!

Ok, it’s cold out! Eep! And it’s only November. On the flip side to that, how can it already be November?!?

I tried to have my snow tires put on today but the lock nut (or whatever that’s called) is on the shelf in my parents’ laundry room… I will have to go back later in the week.

On to my other news… my leg issue has carried on. It’s basically a twinge in my groin area. It’s not the hip, per se. It’s hard to stand up and a real struggle to put on tights or nylons. I can’t push my shoe off without untying the laces – the pressure that puts on my groin/hip area is too much to bare. My friend at work has scared me with sciatica… I have a doctor’s appt. scheduled for Thursday. I tried to run this afternoon, but couldn’t. I hope it gets better soon, or that my doctor can help… Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!

After walking back to Canadian Tire to get the car and coming home, it was already 8:10. I enjoyed my dinner with the beginning of Dancing with the Stars!


Yummy, easy meal – that’s my favourite kind!

I am enjoying tea and apple strudel with my computer.



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