Warning: unhealthy dinner coming up

I bought an avocado at the store on the weekend. Yesterday, while buying the (unhealthy) ice cream at the store, I saw a display of (unhealthy) chips and the idea of chips and guacamole for dinner was born! I did have another goat cheese/pecan/pear salad, too.



By the way, this was one serving of chips (18). I might have had a few more before dinner, and a few after dinner…

I also had a toasted pumpkin muffin – yum!

Tomorrow’s Friday and what does that mean? $1.80 turkey sandwich from the caf (my Friday tradition). Oh ya, and Graham comes home. That’s a little better than a turkey sandwich. Very happy about that 🙂

Happy almost Friday!


One Response to Warning: unhealthy dinner coming up

  1. Hangry Pants says:

    Guacamole looks fabulous.

    Do you have a recipe for the soup you made (a couple posts from here, pictured with salad)?

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