Feeling rotten

Hi all. We had a great weekend in Ottawa, but I am really feeling bad right now. Upset stomach – not sure if it was something I ate, or just the collective bad stuff over the past four days. Here are the highlights (lowlights??)…

– Breakfast: oatmeal
– Lunch: potluck at work
– In the car: brownie from potluck; half a mini bag of Cheetos
– Dinner: 2 glasses of wine before dinner; jelly beans; nachos at the restaurant, then a chicken salad (no dressing)

– Brunch: French toast (2.5 thick pieces), maple syrup, banana
– Snack: about 4 small Halloween chocolates
– Food & Wine show: about 5 wine tastes (30mL each, I think), 2 small glasses rum punch; some small food plates
– House party: about 6 crackers with cheese, then a whole bunch of plain crackers (many, many…) and a few broccoli florets

– Breakfast: apple and everything bagel with butter, coffee
– Lunch: small bowl of soup, bread, carrots

On the whole, that doesn’t look so bad… it was just food at the wrong times, which then made me ravenous at later times. I didn’t drink too much, so I can’t really blame that.

Anyway, here was our lunch today…


Graham is packed for Sarnia. We are going to Mississauga now, and then he’ll leave from there. I’ll post later tonight – have to run for now.



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