Sans photo

Evening all! Graham went to Sarnia today, for some work stuff and to find an apt. He is staying overnight there and took my camera to take photos to bring back to me – alas, no food pics tonight!

After a long day, I had lots of energy for a speedy run.

For dinner, I had defrosted turkey chili and some pumpernickle bread on the side. After dinner snacks were a cookie, some Skittles (Halloween sized treat) and 4 jujubes. Being on my own in the evenings, I tend to snack alot… it’s going to be hard for me to keep that in-check. I think I will use the blog as a way of noting my snacks, especially. Probably no photo, just the checkpoint of having to mark it down.

Anyway, sorry for the food-free post! For all my loyal American blog readers, be sure to vote tomorrow! And for all of us – make sure you have tomorrow night free to sit like a lump and watch CNN!! We are looking forward to it! 🙂


PS – Monday is done for this week… yay!

PPS – Forgot to add… check out Tina’s salad! Craisins, pumpkin seeds and feta are making the rounds. Try this out – it makes a very tasty salad!


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