Happy Halloween!

First, my cookie experiment from last night.

#1 – royal icing is really hard to work with

#2 – icing cookies is way too time-consuming and tedious!

#3 – I really sucked!

So, I decided to alter the plan… jam sandwich cookies!

Now, on to today. Had a fairly chill day at work because we went to my director’s new house for lunch. And I didn’t go back to work after that! 🙂 I didn’t feel the best throughout the rest of the afternoon, though. Could have been the vanilla cupcake at 11, big lunch (salad, lasagna), the wine or the cake! I went to the grocery store and browsed for some shoes on my way there and way back.

Graham and I went for a great 8.3k run around 6:30 – saw some pumpkins and very cute kids! The weather was beautiful, so it was a really nice run. 


Marlin, baguette and salad, with fish cutlery! Graham and I watched 40 Year Old Virgin – our first film from our free 1-month test of zip.ca. It was funny, but seemed long. 

Hope everyone had a great evening!


One Response to Happy Halloween!

  1. Hangry Pants says:

    Decorating cookies is such a pain in the bum! It seems like the pile will never end! Sandwich cookies work, too!

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