2 day recap

Ok, where do we begin?!

The news: Graham is moving to Sarnia, Ontario for work. His current position is being eliminated, but he applied for a promotion and got it! It means that he will live there during the week and come home on weekends. It will be a big change, but it’s a good career opportunity. His job will be “Process Engineer” and he will learn lots. It’s going to be weird, but everything will turn out ok.

I’ve mentioned before that I work in the financial industry and my company is having tough times, too. I still have my job, so I can be thankful for that. It’s just such a topsy-turvy time…

Yesterday was an exhausting day… at work for before 7, left around 5:15, home to prepare dinner with Graham, friends for dinner, work from when they left around 9:15 til midnight… ay ay aye! I was zonked at the end of the night!

For dinner, we had a Czech meal – schnitzel, potatoes, shopsky salad, Pilsner Urquell beer. For dessert, our friends brought mini-desserts (not Czech, but very tasty!). No pictures – sorry!

Tonight, we both had left-overs… my dinner is really boring, but here it is:

That is left-over sauce from Sunday and shopsky salad.

Tomorrow, my department is going to our director’s new house for lunch – I don’t think we have to go back to work after that!

I promise to have long, happy posts this weekend, full of pictures! (am making cookies now, so will have some of those!) Night!


One Response to 2 day recap

  1. Congratulations to Graham on his promotion!

    Hope you had a fun Halloween!

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