Happy Sunday!

But, back to yesterday first… we had a very productive afternoon at home (cleaned a little, put summer clothes in storage and got out the winter stuff, etc…) before Graham’s old roommate and his girlfriend came over, and Graham’s mum too. She was coming to drop some things off and they happened to all arrive at the same time. Graham’s mum and his old roommate get along really well, so we all chatted for awhile. I made these muffins for them to take on their car ride back to Ottawa…

We have tonnes of pears to use up and Graham’s mum bought more! I really liked the fact that the pear was grated – every bite tasted so good, and it’s a nice change from chunks. I did half all-purpose and half whole-wheat flour, which was a great combo. Everyone thought they were tasty. We gave them some to take in the car, too.

Next it was on to dinner. The four of us went to Swiss Chalet – quick, tasty and reasonable. We had a really nice time, chatting and laughing. They needed to get back to Ottawa, so we were home around 9. I watched Lipstick Jungle (love, love, love the characters on that show!) and Graham looked up Land Rovers on the internet all night.

Now, today. We had… waffles with pears for breakfast. Yup, gotta use up those pears!

I put the caramelized pears on my plate after the photo. I also had an extra quarter.

Graham’s just getting showered and ready for the day now (wrote a really long email to his friend in Belgium), so I’m blogging and watching Thursday’s episode of CSI. We might go visit our mothers this afternoon (dads are both busy, so mothers are alone… we are good kids, aren’t we?!?) or might also go for a hike. The weather forecast does say it’s going to rain, though…

Anyway, hope you have a great Sunday! See you later!


2 Responses to Pear-ific

  1. Anna says:

    I think I need to buy a waffle maker!

  2. hareandtortoise says:

    Ours is great – we make them about twice a month. Thanks for that delicious muffin recipe – I’m going to check out your site for more baking ideas!

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