Half Marathon Recap (& dinner)

We got up this morning at 6:30. Graham’s brother-in-law stayed over, so the three of us got ready, called a cab and got to the starting area around 7:30. It was chilly – to say the least! 1 degree C! We checked our bags, went inside to warm up for a moment, then went out to the starting line. It was packed. We stayed probably 2/3 of the way back.

I think we crossed the start line around 8:05. Graham’s brother-in-law was running about 1:45, so we didn’t see him for the entire race. Our first 2k were slow, about 6:30 each. Then we picked it up a little. The Hoggs Hollow hill seemed easy today. I really enjoy the run down Yonge, so that was the best part of the race for me. The Rosedale Valley Road/Bayview Extension area was not as fun, because I’ve never run it before. I wasn’t sure exactly where we were and when it would end. We were keeping a good sub-6 minute pace, until about kilometer 17, when Graham got a gel. That really slowed us down. Still, we were on a good pace, or so I thought. We saw my mum on Front Street (about kilometer 18, or so). Then, at 19, I looked at my watch and saw 1:52. I knew there was no way we could be sub-2 hours. We gave it our all for the rest of the race, and the official times were…

Graham – 2:01:28.3 (chip time) pace 5:55

Sarah – 2:01:35.5 (chip time) pace 5:56

Yes, Graham beat me! I can’t believe it… I pride myself on being a faster runner! Here we are, with our medals.

After this, we went to Richtree for brunch with my mum. I had a bagel and lox, Graham had a burger and fries and my mum had a Belgian waffle with fruit. Graham’s sister, brother-in-law and their kids stopped in too.

I came home, but Graham went to the Ski/Snowboard show with my sister and her boyfriend. I took the subway, with a little delay. Once home, I did the laundry and went grocery shopping. Oh, and watched last Thursday’s CSI. I picked Graham up from the subway and we stopped in Crate & Barrel. We’ve found the sofa we want. Now, we just have to save our pennies!

I’ve been a busy beaver, making Pear Walnut Strusel cake and Turkey chili (to make an appearance Tuesday, probably). We’re heating up some beef stew and will enjoy while watching the Amazing Race. Photos to be posted soon.

Today’s half marathon was so much fun. I’m really glad that we did it together because I liked our weekly Running Room session, long runs and short ones in between. I don’t think the run today would have been as enjoyable if I had been running alone. We were talking today about what’s next… we didn’t decide, so we’ll see… No marathons, that’s for sure, but Graham did mention a sub-1:40 half… 🙂

Edited to add…

Afternoon snack – was craving a Lemon Cranberry muffin, so got one at the grocery store today

Dinner – beef stew, one dumpling, roll

Dessert – pear cake (will post recipe tomorrow)

Better photo to be posted tomorrow, too.

Night! (good luck with your Monday)


3 Responses to Half Marathon Recap (& dinner)

  1. Hangry Pants says:

    Congratulations! What an accomplishment? I’m an American. Are your times for 1K?

  2. hareandtortoise says:

    The times are for 21 kilometers, or about 13 miles, I think – 2 hours 1 minute, or thereabouts.
    Our average per kilometer was about 5 minutes 55 seconds.

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