Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!


I went for a really fast run right after waking up, and then we had breakfast. I love waffles! Such a nice weekend breakfast.

Took us awhile, but we finally got up north. The traffic was brutal, and we also had to make a stop. We tried to get out campsite reserved, but the Parks person had gone for lunch. We had our lunch in the parking lot!

This is “cheese concoction” – Graham’s dad’s favourite lunch. It’s sour cream and feta, with herbs like chives or parsley. We had some multigrain Tostitos too.

Here are some scenery shots…

On to dinner. That’s why we made chili and pear-cranberry crisp the night before – so that we could have a tasty meal while camping!

Cool, eh? We actually ended up moving the pot down closer into the fire, but it was cute how he rigged it up.

I had broccoli too, but ate it all before the chili. That’s what the little green flecks are.

We ate the crisp right from the pot. 🙂


It was so cold when we woke up and I’d been needing to go to the bathroom all night… miserable!

We got everything cleaned up, ate first, then motored back to the marina. 

Graham’s parents drove up and we helped them to get the boat ready for winter. We left the marina around 2:30 and headed for home.

Last night was dinner with my parents, grandparents, sister and her bf.

Half the family at the table. I don’t think my grandfather will be reading Hare and Tortoise anytime soon, so he won’t see his photo! We had a very tasty dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, peas, carrots, stuffing and gravy. For dessert, we had a crisp and pumpkin-chocolate torte, courtesy of my mother and my sister, respectively. Dinner was so good, but I was really full after. Over-ate for sure. Probably didn’t help that I also ate some lime Tostitos before dinner, as well as some candy. Ayayaye!


So, that brings us to today! We are going to Graham’s parents’ house for lunch with everyone. His dad and his sister’s family (the one with the 4 month old) are going to Czech Republic tonight for a week, so that’s why we’re having lunch. I still feel full from yesterday!

For breakfast, we went light today.

Just felt like instant oatmeal, for speed and lightness. Hopefully I will be hungry by noon!

Sorry for the monster post! I will report back tonight with the rest of the day’s activities. See you then!


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