I’m back!

Ok, full post ahead!

Work was fine today – especially for the Friday of a long weekend! We all went out for sushi – it was nice to get out of the office for lunch for the first time in weeks (maybe months). The afternoon went by really quickly and I was home around 5. 

Graham and I were going to go for a run, but he was a little depressed after a hard and irritating day at work, so we went for a walk instead. There’s a path near our house that borders a river, so we went out for about 50 minutes. Should have brought my camera!

Once home, we went over to the grocery store. I’ve been busy making chili, muffins and pear & cranberry crisp. I will tell you why later. This was dinner…

But we ate it here…

while watching Amazing Race!

Up for the weekend: going up north! That’s why I’m cooking and baking – so we can bring good food with us! Graham and I are going to his parents’ sailboat tomorrow morning. We’ll be there til Sunday, then will go to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Monday is lunch at his parents’.

So, that means that I will post breakfast tomorrow, but then you probably won’t see me til Sunday night or even Monday. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I will be sure to take lots of picture, so I will come back with a full report of my meals and adventures.

Happy weekend!!


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