Back at it

Work, that is! But, I have more interesting things to show and talk about!

I thought I looked particularly nice at work today, so I tried to take a self-portrait. Considering we don’t have a full-length mirror, it was a little hard! But here I am…

Ok, so I don’t think that photo really makes me look good! But ah well, it’s a food diversion!

I wasted a little time on the internet with a muffin…

Then, I made that recipe – the one you see above – from the latest Food & Drink Magazine from the LCBO. We’re having that tomorrow night, so stay tuned!

Graham came home and we debated going out for a few errands, but instead we looked at my new sewing machine. Ta da!

When my Grandma moved from Montreal to Calgary this summer, she was going to throw this out. I saved it! She is slightly crazy, though, and had thrown away the cord, so I went to the Singer store near us and got a new (well, used, and costly!) cord. Graham and I were looking at it, and realized that I also need a piece for the bobbin. I guess that’s next to get. My top upcoming projects are a deep purple velvet cover for the ottoman and curtains for the bedroom. I’ll keep you posted!

Next, it was on to dinner. I had seen Spinach Florentine Pasta on Kath’s blog and wanted to have that. I bought goat cheese on sale, so it was the perfect meal!

Very tasty! I think next time, I would defrost the spinach and squeeze out some of the water. It was too liquid-y, and I think that would help. I would also have something on the side or maybe include chicken? But, Graham enjoyed it, and that’s the true test when I experiment!

Am taking a little time for some Dancing with the Stars and blog reading and will have a little desert soon!

And finally… our three little pumpkins!


One Response to Back at it

  1. Hangry Pants says:

    Whenever I cook with frozen spinach I always squeeze the water out, so that will definitely help. It looks yummy anyway!

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