My weekend

Sorry for this short hiatus! We had a lot going on over the past 24+ hours.

Where did I leave off… 

Saturday lunch

Next, I went looking in some stores, got Starbucks, took my sewing machine in, picked up Graham, went to Le Baron, and then came home. The coffee left me really jittery, so I had food right away when we were home. Next was a 6k – didn’t feel so hot, at all. My hip, my leg, my stomach, my jittery self!

We went to Graham’s sister’s house for dinner – had Korean BBQ. Very tasty! We went by City Hall to see the Nuit Blanche display on the way home. It was pretty cool!

Today, we were supposed to do 20k, but neither of us were in 100% mental or physical shape. We did 10k instead.

Breakfast was french toast (photo mid-meal!)…

And coffee.

Up for the afternoon?

Raiding Graham’s parent’s vegetable and herb garden.
Grocery shopping & laundry.
Apple picking with his dad, his sister, her husband and their kids.
Dinner with the above group.

Tomorrow? Monday… no… really don’t want to think about that. Hope you had a great weekend, full of fun!


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