Happy face, happy face

Ok, I know you, my loyal reader, have had enough of my job complaints. It seems everyday I am posting something about it. Well, today I really wanted the title of my post to be “Crappy Day”, but wanted to keep it a little happier. Hence… happy face, happy face. 🙂

On to the food. It’s what I’m here for, right? Graham, once again, wanted a “warm meal”. Hence the soup (more veggies than broth!) and grilled cheese. We needed bread and wanted brussels sprouts for the soup (store was out), so I stopped on my way to getting Graham from the station. I really wanted a snack, so had some of these… straight from the bag… while driving.

Oops. But they were tasty. So meh. (Sorry for the blur. I was in the car, in the parking lot.)

On to the real stuff… soup and grilled cheese. The salad was there for a little colour and nutrition – to balance out the white bread and cheddar. 🙂

I’m watching CSI, catching up on my Google Reader. The debates (Vice-Presidential and Leadership Debate) are both on, and being a little bit of a political junkie, I will definitely be flipping between the two! And I will also be eating some pear crisp. Think of me around 9 – I’ll be enjoying myself!

My first question to my readers… 
Are you watching the debates tonight, too? Do you have a snack to munch on? 


2 Responses to Happy face, happy face

  1. Hangry Pants says:

    I’ve had those chips! So good.

    I am debate watching. I am not snacking because I had a late dinner. Are you snacking?

  2. hareandtortoise says:

    I did have a snack – pear crisp and a little ice cream. Can’t seem to get away from dessert these days! Hope you enjoyed your evening!

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