No pictures (of food)

Sarah – San Francisco – October 2007

I think that photo makes up for the lack of food!

I went to Yorkdale and scoured Crate and Barrel. There’s lots on my list, but Graham and I need to go together. I bought a few more things at Banana Republic, then came home. Graham and I ran downtown, about 17.04km. It was a great run, except for about the first 4k, when I was irritated and bitchy. Sorry Graham! It was hot! And up hill!

Had to do a little running around after that, but then Graham and I and his cousin went out for sushi. Imagine miso soup, salad, edamame, sushi and maki! Delicious! Am just catching up on Google Reader now, then will probably go to bed early and read. 

Tomorrow is Monday 😦 and I dread going back to work. When will this chaos be over?!? Graham will be sleeping at his parents house in Mississauga tomorrow night, then Wednesday and Thursday too. It’s closer to work, and he can borrow a car from them, which means more study time. Tomorrow night will be Dancing with the Stars, and catching up on Amazing Race and Lipstick Jungle. Can’t wait! Oh, and that will mean that Monday is done! Yay! That’s something to look forward to!

And, finally, something to leave you with…

Sarah and Graham – Muskoka – Winter 2008


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