Two of a kind

So, picking up where we left off… the birthday party was great fun – for the kids at least! There were at least 15 of them, jumping in the bouncy castle, running around, eating, laughing. We were the only non-parents there. For lunch, I had half a burger, half a corn, chips (yum!), a few veggies, and a few crackers with hummus. Then cake. Delicious lunch!

We got home around four. I putzed around, then went over to the mall. Banana Republic was having a 30% off sale and I got a sweater, then looked around Chapters. 

While at the mall, I got a bottle of Czechvar. It’s got a really cool story – read about it here!  The town of Budvar is right near Graham’s aunt’s house in the Czech Republic. We sat down to dinner around 8, with our Czechvar! 

The big one and the little one! Guess who…

And, here was dinner – left overs from Thursday night (stew) and Friday night (pasta – but just for Graham).

Guess again!

Here is Graham, eating the salad straight from the bowl!

Stay tuned for another post from me soon… I did a little snacking after dinner. You’ll see…


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