New friend

We were up bright and early this morning… 7:30 to be exact! I convinced Graham to get out of bed and we did a quick 5k. We were home with just enough time to shower before my mum came over for breakfast and brought us this:

Again, sorry for the slight blur! I am still experimenting with the macro setting!

And, sorry for no food photos… but we had waffles with blueberries and raspberries, yogurt and syrup, coffee and tea – depending on preferences! My dad went to the opening of the new Apple store near us, so he dropped my mum and then picked her up. We had a really nice time chatting. It’s now 10:30, the kitchen is clean, the peach bread is cut to take to Graham’s sisters and his parents. Next I have to wrap the birthday gift and then we will head off soon for the birthday party. It’s too bad the weather is poor, because it was supposed to be outside… ah well, kids are hearty, I guess! More so than adults…

I’ll try to snap some birthday pictures. See you later!!


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