So, last night, I was googling around and trying to find tips on food photography. I read some great pointers – one piece of advice being to use the macro setting. I was always just sort of using “automatic”, or whatever it defaults too. I tried taking some photos just now, using macro. I like it!

Graham’s on his way home from work now, so we’ll have dinner right when he gets in. Lots of LSAT work to do tonight! I forgot clothes for spinning at home this morning, but I couldn’t have gone anyways – didn’t leave my desk til after 5:30. Then, I really wanted to run, but just wasn’t in to it mentally. It’s been three long days at work – and I expect this to continue, without rest, for the next two months. I shudder as I write that.


3 Responses to Macro

  1. hareandtortoise says:

    Thanks! Now that I know of this setting, I will continue experimenting!

  2. Jane Russ says:

    Do you use a tripod, ‘cos you might find that that will be good too? You get no shake at all, which means that you can shoot in indifferent light. I usually have my tripod permanently attached to my camera at home for shooting things quickly.

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