Snack attack, again

Good evening everyone! 🙂 Quick post from me. Another hectic day under my belt. I had breakfast at 7:30 – 2 packages of instant oatmeal and a latte from the-place-who-won’t-be-named. The, I didn’t get lunch until 1:45! I was just go go go! For lunch, I had an english muffin with PB. At my 2pm meeting, I had yogurt, blueberries and some honey. I made the mistake of not having anything else over the afternoon, so I came home and had nuts, crackers and granola. Not all in the same mouthful! But I did eat too much. Why didn’t I put my snack out ahead of time?? Tomorrow I have spinning at 5, so I have to plan my eating better, and bring the appropriate snacks.

We had Running Room (6k run with the group), then I got new shoes! Maybe I’ll take a photo tomorrow. Can’t wait to start wearing them. For dinner, I cooked extra chicken on Sunday night, with the thought of having big salads.

My salad included spinach, tomatoes, chicken and feta. Easy, fast and tasty! I realize that I should have snapped Graham’s bowl, because he had a mound-full!

Tomorrow? Work. Spinning. I guess that’s all. Dancing with the Stars is on again tonight, at 9, so I’ll watch that with peach bread and tea.

More interesting posts coming soon, I promise!

PS – I shipped about half the loaf of peach bread with Graham to work today. It all disappeared and one of his colleagues wanted the recipe from me, so that’s a nice compliment!


2 Responses to Snack attack, again

  1. Mmmm, peach bread. Maybe one day I’ll try making it!

    I love Dancing with the Stars but I’ve missed it the past couple of nights. I’ll have to tune in tonight and catch up!

  2. hareandtortoise says:

    I only watched the first hour last night – Graham had a rough day at work, and just wanted to zone out (instead of studying). When it’s two hours, two nights in a row, that’s a lot of dancing!

    Try the peach bread – it really is delicious!

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