Monday blues

Well, it actually wasn’t that bad after all. I had a long day today – got home around 6:30, and then Graham came in about a minute later. I had bought bok choy and bean sprouts for stir-fry, so we threw that together. Check this out!

We had brown rice, chicken, carrots, onions, garlic, bean sprouts and bok choy. Tasty and healthy! And, there are two servings left for Graham’s lunch too! That makes it much easier for me in the morning. Oh, and here is my little beer!

I had about a quarter of Graham’s bottle, in this little glass! Just the perfect amount for me.

So, I’m relaxing in front of the TV, watching… Dancing with the Stars! I love it! Graham is distressed (“What?? You’re watching that for two hours??”), but he’s at the table, studying. I’m enjoying the show, tea and peach bread.

I am going for piece #2 for sure – maybe in hour #2! I’ve packed some up for Graham to take to work tomorrow. If it stayed around here, I would eat every single crumb. No joke. 

PS – This bread also looks amazing! I haven’t yet baked anything from 101 Cookbooks, but this is now bookmarked. At this rate, I’ll need to run 17.3k every day! 🙂


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