24 hour recap

Hello loyal readers. Sorry I was MIA yesterday, but I will recap my day for you now!

I had great success at Yorkdale, getting a blazer, a sweater and a jacket from Banana Republic and RW & Co. I was super-tired and hungry towards the end, though, so I came home and made a lightening-fast lunch…

I also had a cookie and a gummy worm! 🙂

I putzed around all afternoon, going to Loblaws for some fruit, fixing up my iPod, etc… I was sort of lazy and unmotivated – but also had a slight headache. While fixing my iPod, I had some TJ trail mix with some Life sprinkled in.

Around 5, I left for the housewarming/engagement party in Mississauga. Of my 7 university housemates, 3 are engaged! 7 of us were there (one lives in Ottawa) and it was great seeing (almost) everyone together. We had a tour of the apt. but the party was in the party room, so there was lots of space to sit and very good food too! I had: about 20 yellow and blue tortilla chips, about 4 small pieces of baguette with hummus, corn on the cob, a hamburger, salad and piece of baklava. Sorry, no pictures at all! It was such a nice night – thinking of everyone is making me smile! I swung by my parents after – my sister wanted the next book in the Twilight series, so I dropped that off, picked up my mail and hung around a little. I was home around 10:30, I think and read for a little, but fell asleep very quickly.

Now, on to today!! 17.3km run!! I was so happy and proud of myself when I was finished. I felt great the entire time, except for at about the 14 mark. I just stopped and walked for about 30 seconds – had a water break because I find it strange to drink and run – then picked it up again all the way home! I was efficient and got the laundry in, over to Starbucks for coffee (tall Bold – felt like just coffee today) and then made my breakfast!

Yippee for french toast!

I am in a cleaning mood – kitchen’s done, sheets are changed… next I have to put stuff away/organize a little. Everything is a little to cluttered right now. Other than that? Groceries, baking, shopping? Reading, for sure, and actually a little computer work to do… 😦 Not too much – should only take half an hour, but it’s something I’ve been putting off at work, so should just get it done.

Have a relaxing Sunday!

PS – I love smitten kitchen‘s blog – I’ve had 100% success with her recipes and the photos are just beautiful. Well, I just discovered that you can actually buy them here! What a cool idea!


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