Dinner for One

Yup, it’s just me this weekend. Graham has gone up north for until Sunday so I’m hanging out all by myself. After returning a few things to Ikea, I came home and puttered around a little. I had decided on beef stew for dinner, but wanted a crusty roll for the side, so I walked over to the mall. We live literally a stone’s throw from a very nice shopping centre. It’s not the place you’d go to for $49.99 jeans… but rather ball gowns and haute couture. I went to Loblaws and also picked up Larabars on sale – 2 for $3! I walked out the door by the two restaurants and envied everyone inside. I want to be having dinner with someone too! Instead, I came home by myself. 😦

And instead of stew, I had a BLT. Just remembered that we had some frozen bacon and then that way I won’t be too full after dinner to have some ice cream and chocolate chip cookies! 🙂 I think I deserve it after my state the past few days at work…

On tap for tomorrow? Run, breakfast, Yorkdale for fall clothes/house stuff [side note: we are finally getting a Crate & Barrel, but it doesn’t open ’til Sept. 25…], tidy apt., groceries, make Sept. Daring Bakers project. Oh, and engagement party at night!

I found Kevin’s blog, Closet Cooking, today. I had come across it awhile earlier, but then it got lost in the blog shuffle. I’m happy to have found it again because I saw some very tasty meals! And, he’s from Toronto too! Maybe one of those recipes will be added to the list for tomorrow…

Good night! (hope I’m not too scared!!)


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