Dinner, sort of

I know what I have been doing to my camera… leaving it on after I put the photos on my computer. It then drains the battery and I realize when I want to use it, like to photograph dinner! So, you’ll have to settle with this…

Roasted chicken thighs with couscous and zucchini. Tasty! I also roasted tomatoes with oregano. I wish I had a photo!

Graham is going away for the weekend, so I made these cookies from Smitten Kitchen. I do have photos of the cookies though!

I was on the phone, so they over cooked a little. But they taste great!

Graham stole half the gummy worm. 🙂

Tomorrow’s Friday – can’t wait. Well, more specifically, can’t wait til the end of the day and the start of the weekend. I have an engagement/house warming party, shopping to do, long run to run and other misc. things. Wish me a good day tomorrow!!


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