Sorry guys…

No pictures to post at all!

Yesterday was so much fun. I had an amazing day with my work team, but no photos… We did canoeing, geo-caching, archery and mountain biking! All that after a 15k on Sunday. And… the girls I work with are super-competitive – no one wants to be second! For food, we had a BBQ with angus burgers, cheese and avocado, pasta salad, cut veggies… yum! We also had two-bite brownies and then a campfire! S’mores… yum again! I wasn’t home until around 10:30, tired and sore.

Then, on to today. The day was so busy at work. I didn’t take any food photos because my food wasn’t that exciting. I was excited for dinner. But then my camera was in the car and Graham was out in the car! For dinner, I had quesadillas! That was one of two standard meals for me the last two years of university. Quesadillas or a bagel. Ok, I’ll explain both.

Quesadillas – I take two small wraps, place small pieces of green pepper, cut cherry tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese on one side of each, fold them over and bake in the oven. Then, for the last few minutes, I turn the oven to broil. Eating that brought back so many memories!

Bagels – at the Fortino’s near my house in Hamilton, they baked Montreal-style bagels. A pretty close version too! I would have a toasted bagel with cream cheese.

Those were my two lunches for two years, basically! What good memories.

So, again, sorry for the lack of dinner pictures. But Graham is now home, so here is one to leave you with – dessert!

Pictures tomorrow, I promise! Night!


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