Snack attack

Oh my, why did I snack so much today???

Back to breakfast first. Shhh… I decided to go to Starbucks and try the new apple bran muffin. 

The verdict? I liked it, but didn’t love it. I think it’s good to think of as a back-up, if I am too tired or lazy to pack my breakfast. But it’s not something I will crave and get excited about. I’m going to make muffins on the weekend, I think, or zucchini bread. Back to the muffin and non-fat latte – it actually held me all the way til 12:30ish, and I ate around 1. Not bad! I was also go-go-go, so I wasn’t thinking about lunch at all.

Now, to the snack attack. On my drive home, I had a half banana – left over from lunch. Then, when I got home, I poured a serving (3/4 c.) of Life cereal into a bowl, intending to eat that waiting for Graham to get home. Then I had some TJ trail mix. Then I had some BBQ chips (those have got to go!!). Then we went running. Then I had a little more TJ trail mix while making dinner. Ay ay aye! Way too much! I just can’t seem to help myself these days. Ah well, I know I go in cycles.

On to dinner. We ran, then put the pork in the oven, so it meant eating around 8:30. We had a frozen tenderloin from Costco, so I just popped that in the oven. I made Graham potatoes and I had the left over spaghetti squash, and we had some carrot sticks and celery – not many veggies in the fridge!

Graham has finally sat down for some LSAT work and I’m going to play Spider Solitaire. Tomorrow is Friday… yay! Can’t wait!

PS – Graham also ate the rest of the tenderloin! He had about 3/4 total, and I had the rest.


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