Long run!

Very proud of us – we did 13k this morning. We actually both had an easy run and we were lucky because it started raining at about kilometer 12, but we were nearly home. For brekfast, we had cream of wheat, with peaches and coffee. There’s something wrong with Graham’s grinder, so I ran out for coffee – Graham got espresso and frothed his own milk, and I got a latte.

We did laundry, got groceries and now Graham is making his own beef stock and studying for the LSATs. For lunch, I had english muffin with some smoked salmon, and then two muffins and two gummy worms. Yum 🙂

Oh, Graham just stole the green gummy worm. Guess I’m only half as bad now!

I am watching the first episode of the new 90210 and relaxing! Nice lazy afternoon! My parents will be over at 6, so dinner will be later. Cya!


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