Tasty dinner!

I know I just posted, but here I am again! We had a quick, but really tasty dinner! Graham made pasta with the squid from the market today. We had a simple salad – lettuce, leftover asparagus, muenster cheese, with Newman’s Own Lime dressing.

Graham said to make sure I write the reason that we are using fish cutlery – his grandmother gave them to us last weekend when we were in Winnipeg, and he wanted to use them tonight. He is obviously concerned with what you’re thinking! 😉

I think I may have a small piece of cake, with tea, later. I am watching tennis right now (Nadal and Murray from earlier) – it’s nice to relax!

We’ll be doing 13k tomorrow, so see you after that!


2 Responses to Tasty dinner!

  1. Awww, so cute about the cutlery!

    Your dinner looks delicious!

  2. hareandtortoise says:

    Graham’s mother is from British heritage (his grandmother is very British!) and his father is Czech. From his British side, he has learned very strict dining rules – cloth napkins, salad forks, heated plates, etc… it’s cute but can be annoying if I am in a “rush rush” mood! This also includes homemade salad dressing, chicken and beef stock… the list goes on! He doesn’t like cutting corners at all! Oh well, it means we eat very tasty meals when he cooks, so I guess it’s a good thing!! 🙂

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