Breakfast & Lunch

When I stopped at Starbuck’s yesterday morning, they had free samples of one of the new healthy breakfast choices, the fruit and nut bar. I saved it to have at work, along with my latte and peach oatmeal. The bar was tasty, so I guess a good choice if you want something sweet with your coffee, but it wasn’t
out-of-this-world good.

Lunch was boring – at my desk again!


I had a few candies mid-afternoon, then went to the gym for a 7k run – candies before the gym = sore tummy! But I made it through. The party last night was tonnes of fun, but I ate way too much cake!

We’re now getting breakfast ready today, but I won’t be able to post til later. See you then!


2 Responses to Breakfast & Lunch

  1. Rudolf says:

    I like your breakfasts. When cooking oatmeal I have been known to add nutmeg and a teaspoon or 2 of olive oil or butter, and a little sweetener of any kind. It’s great with whipping cream, cold or hot.

  2. hareandtortoise says:

    Hi Rudolf. I like having oatmeal, but I eat breakfast at work – I find it’s hard to pack all the components to bring along. Kath @ Kath Eats Real Food always makes amazing oatmeal, but it will have 4+ ingredients. I hate having to pack all that! Normally I will have oats with some sort of fruit and either cinnamon or brown sugar. Kind of plain and boring! I am just about to post this morning’s breakfast…

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