Spinning wheel…

Ahh, this is nice! Watching tennis, fixing up my blog… freshly baked muffins! I had a great day today – busy but good – until I started getting antsy around 4:15. Good thing I had spinning today! The class was great and I really felt it, being away for three weeks.

Came home and we didn’t know what to make for dinner. Pasta is always fast, and so is shrimp, so we made up a pasta. Piccata Pasta!

Trader Joe’s Piccata sauce
Ingredients for salad!


Graham’s dinner (sorry for the off-centre shot!)

My dinner

I used up the last of the muffin mix, which gave me three muffins! I might eat one now, or I might have a peach. The night is still young, so I will have a snack in awhile. I feel very thirsty (have for about the past two weeks) so I do need more water! I’m parched! See you tomorrow 🙂


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