Peachy day

Well, not really, in terms of what’s going on at work. It’s not bad, but just hectic. But… I did have two peaches today. Ontario peaches are amazing! I wish I could send them to all my loyal blog readers (anyone… anyone… Bueller…?) because they really are that great. Here is a photo, in fact!

Oh, just remembered – I had half of a Banana Cookie Larabar today… very tasty! I’m saving the second half for tomorrow.

On to dinner. We were at Running Room tonight, so came home for something fast. I had four egg whites left from baking yesterday, so I did scrambled egg whites with chicken and tomato, with a little cheese and crackers on the side. I realized how weird that was after I made it… a lot of protein! Oh well, it was sort of tasty. Not sure I’d repeat it though…

I’m in a tea mood tonight. It’s dark and a little cold. I’m having more (fuzzy) peaches too. Must finish those. Very bad!

Look for a few blog updates tonight. I’m going to try to make it look a little prettier, but we’ll see!



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