Finally a night where I can post a recipe! Well, not a recipe, but a meal I made up myself.

Sausage herb pasta

small onion + garlic 
2 sausages (enough for two dinners and a lunch) – ours were fennel & herb I think
2 tomatoes
1/2 can tomato paste
lots of herbs

Brown the sausages with the onion + garlic.
Quarter the tomatoes and add the tomato paste.
Add any herbs that you have on hand.
(We also added green peppercorns.)


Enjoy with salad!

I made a mystery item tonight. I feel like some of the other food bloggers out there! I can’t tell you about it or post pictures til the weekend, so my oh-so loyal readers will just have to wait!

On a related note, we are going away this weekend, from Friday night til Tuesday morning. I will have lots of great (non-)food pictures to show… I am still too shy about taking my camera out in front of “strangers” (Graham’s aunt and uncle). We are going to WInnipeg, then to Lake of the Woods. I can’t wait – should be an amazing weekend!

Night for now!


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