Bowling baby!

Title says it all. We went bowling with our three friends and had a great time. I kinda suck, but oh well! We had a very nice lunch – chicken sandwiches with salad. We baked the chicken with PC Memories of Lyon sauce, then put it in the fridge. We had our sandwiches with mayo, mustard, tomato, pickles and cheese. Then, for the salad, Graham made the dressing and I made the salad – lettuce, cucumber, tomato, capers, peaches and feta. Very tasty! Here’s a photo of the leftovers!

We went to my parents house for dinner – well, to watch them eat, since we had such a late lunch. I snacked on a few chips and grapes, then more grapes at Graham’s parents.

Now, this is my late night snack – peaches and peaches!

Very bad but very good!

That was such a nice weekend. My favourite kind is with family and friends.

I’m very sorry for basically no food posts again. I promise there will be some soon! I also really want to start posting recipes, since we do sometimes make really great, unique dishes! Ah well, for another day, I guess.



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