Finally sitting down

Happy Saturday! Sorry for no post yesterday. I went straight to Mississauga last night and saw my parents & sister before going out for dinner. It was a friend’s birthday and Graham had another friend coming in from London for the night, so we all went down to dinner together. I am still too shy to talk about the blog with “strangers”, so no picture… I had chicken & goat cheese pizza, as well as some bread and a glass of wine. Oh, and many many Tostitos Hint of Lime chips before hand!

This morning I went out for a 4.75km run, then had my hair cut. Graham and I made waffles for his friend this morning. Here was my pre-breakfast…

And here is Graham’s cat, not cooperating with my picture taking!



And here was the breakfast table!

(The basinette belongs to Graham’s sister, who had a baby boy in June.)

The rest of our day was mostly uneventful – Home Depot, Sherway Gardens (bought a top at Josef), Whole Foods (got some new Larabar flavours!), home, dinner at Graham’s sister and brother-in-law’s house. We just finished some cleaning and are now tv watching and internet-ing.

On tomorrow’s agenda:

12km run @ 8; meeting our new potential cleaning lady at 9:30; groceries; friends coming over for lunch at 12. 

Sleep well!


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