Fun weekend! We are still getting cleaned up from dinner and I’m trying to pack for tomorrow, so my post tonight will be photo-only. I’ll post sometime tomorrow from Calgary. Night!

(Photos are going wacky tonight, for some reason…)





One Response to Ahhh…

  1. Jane Russ says:

    I have found your blog because I am a member of the Hare Preservation Trust in the UK and I have a Google Alert set for anything ‘hare’. I keep seeing your name come up as Hareandtortoise and decided to see who you were for once, although obviously not ‘hare’ related in the truest sense.
    There were the wonderful pics of your dinner or lunch with the fabulous corn that you have in the States. We visited a friend in Connecticut at the beginning of September last year and ate loads of it. My husband hates British corn but gobbled up the US version, it is so delicious and sweet – I suddenly felt very homesick for american corn!!!

    Have a good week.

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