Almost Friday!

Happy Thursday night to you all! I had another crazy-busy day. Sometimes I just feel like my head spins from about 7:30 til 5 every work day. Ah well, I’m home, watching the Olympics and eating cookies now!

My camera battery died, so I don’t have any pictures other than dinner. 

For breakfast, I had a latte (shh!), Montreal bagel with butter and a peach.

For lunch, I had a pita and hummus, celery, yogurt and blueberries

For snack I was really bad and had candy… ahh, but it was good!

And now here is dinner. It’s actually a repeat from Monday night, but this time with pasta. You’ll notice a big difference here!



And my dessert! These TJ cookies are so tasty!

I took the photo against my hand, so you can see what size they are. I pull them apart in little pieces so they last longer. On a side note: you should see how small my bites are when I eat larabars! I like to eat them really slowly!

So, I guess that’s my night tonight. See you tomorrow – Friday already!


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