Sushi Boat

Sorry it’s a little late tonight. We had a great Wednesday night dinner out with friends.

Back to the morning… I caved today and had a raisin tea biscuit. My office has recently changed to brown napkins, but it makes my peach look a little ugly!

On to lunch… I had a very good repeat of last night’s salad – salmon, lettuce, cucumber, celery and new Newman’s Own Lime dressing (quite god for bottled!), but I didn’t take a photo. Instead, here is my yogurt and berries and granola:

The granola is Trader Joe’s Vanilla. It’s git a nice crunch – a nice change from the Bare Naked or Whole Foods granola that I have bought the last few times.

Now, on to the afternoon and evening. I had a really crappy afternoon at work – I have so much going on and I am getting ready for a 4-day business trip next week (hmm… that just occurred to me… ah well, should be able to post on the road). I had to miss spinning, because there was something I just wanted to finish, and 5 came and went… I finally just packed it in around 5:45. I had to take transit home tonight, so I wanted to make sure to make the 5:53 bus. I sat right at the front, my mind whirling and spinning out of control. And then I had the bus driver who decided to slap his knees to make songs every time the bus stopped. And we seemed to just miss each light. And then he felt the need to play the drums on the steering wheel. And then he decided to start talking out loud. All my spinning head wanted was peace! I was so glad to get off the bus. When I got home, a friend called to meet for dinner. I didn’t want to, but was convinced by my more outgoing other half. We went out for sushi with our friend and her husband and had a great time! Check out all this sushi…

It was 60 pieces total – sushi and maki. I didn’t keep track of how many I had, but it was definitely less than my quarter… I think around 10-12, maybe?

Now I am trying to get in some Olympic watching and relaxing, but it’s already 5 to 10. I think I’ll call it a night now, so see you tomorrow! Good night đŸ™‚


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