Monday Monday

Well, last night it really felt like the day before school starts. Anticipation, dread… do you remember those feelings? But, it wasn’t that bad. I came back to 95 e-mails, which was totally manageable this morning. It was actually sort of nice being back in the office!

I had a very good 6.5k run, considering I got lazy on vacation and hadn’t been out in 6 days. And after all that ice cream, too!

Breakfast and lunch were sort of ordinary, but we had a great dinner! We had an appt. at the bank and didn’t get home ’til 7:45. I had decided on sausages, so I did them in a tomato sauce. We also had couscous, flavoured with our homemade chicken broth (thanks G!). I cut up some veggies on the side – kind of lame, but ah well.

His dinner:


(Cute, eh? He dressed his up with parsley from our herb garden.)

My dinner:

And this:

Okay, times two! It was left over from the party last night. And they were small pieces. And I had a good run today! I’m so weak… 🙂

Is everyone watching the Olympics? I like watching pretty much all the sports, and am waiting for swimming tonight to watch for Michael Phelps. He is too cute! Someone just said to me: “What do you like about that guy, anyway?” He’s just jealous!!!


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