Sunny Sunday!

Sorry about no post yesterday, but here’s a quick recap.

We drove all the way home and made pretty good time. Here was breakfast (and also snack, because I ate it throughout the day):

And then here was dinner – mine

(Times about 4 on the bread… have to be honest!)

And his – 

Now, on to today.

We are having quite a crowd over for dinner: 8 adults and 3 kids (4, 2 and 2 months!). In our 1-bedroom apartment. We only have 7 chairs and cutlery for about 5, so we’ve got to borrow some from our friends who live in the building next to us. I had planned on a super-relaxed day, with some errands and Olympic-watching, but now we have to do everything a bit faster and then tidy and cook for 5pm. 

For breakfast, I made Belgian waffles. We have a very nice waffle maker, but haven’t used it too much with always being away on the weekends. The problem with waffles, though, is that they’re not all that filling (obviously, being white flour, sugar butter, etc…), so I was still hungry after this:

After, I had three thin slices of baguette, with butter. I know, I know, that probably wasn’t the best choice to fill me up either, but it was out on the counter. 

So, off to get stuff done! Bye for now.


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