Celebrity Sighting

Well, we went to Martha’s Vineyard for the day. I had hoped to see Jake Gyllenhaal, even though I know he’s filming a movie right now (don’t ask how I know… ok, well, I’ll tell you – I visit JG fan sites, that’s how!). But, we did see Bill Murray with his children on the ferry over. So, that was kind of cool. 

Here is a photo recap of the day…

Breakfast at Beetlebung Cafe in Vineyard Haven (I did have an english muffin with PB before leaving the house at 6, and also some cherries)

Lunch – on top of the roof deck, looking towards the Chappy ferry…

Random afternoon shot…

Afternoon snack – Sam Adams Summer!

“Dinner” – grasshopper ice cream! (sorry it’s blurry)


So, it was a very nice day! (with sort of random food, I know – next week it will be back to the routine!)

Tomorrow is our last day of vacation – boo hoo! I don’t want to go back to work… ah well, I guess I sort of have to. At least I have a great tan and great photos to show you all! I am excited to getting back to cooking and baking, especially with some of my new TJ products. Photos to come of that when I am home.

See you tomorrow for the last Cape day…


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