Day two = lots of sun

Another fantastic beach day!

I’ve decided to reconsider my blog a little… it’s still going to be a food blog, don’t get me wrong. That’s my biggest hobby and since I’ve signed up for Daring Bakers, I really want a place I can post about what I make and eat. But… I’m not sure I’m cut out to take a photo of absolutely everything I eat. I think I will take my blogging cues from Suite Apple Pie – she posts often, and usually about food. But she doesn’t post everything. I think you have to be exteremly diligent and dedicated. And I am both of those things, but just not to the extreme. I didn’t do this to prove a point at all – it just happened – but so far today, I have not taken one food photo! How about I leave you with a beach photo instead? Food photo to come tonight!


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