Losing my brain…

I could not find my battery charger this morning for the life of me… well, I ended up finding it tonight, but oh well!

Breakfast – him

Breakfast – me – You’ll have to imagine this one, as I didn’t have my camera at work. I stopped at Starbuck’s (sinner!) and then got a raisin tea biscuit at work. It was very yummy!

Lunch – him

He had left over dumplings, whipped cream, fruit and taffy. I wonder if he was hungry… there’s not too much substance there.

Lunch – me

Except: I didn’t have a hard boiled egg, but a 1/3 of a can of salmon. And, I haven’t had the raisin scone yet. I might have it for dessert, with more berries.

Tortoise is out with friends tonight, but I have had a busy night nonetheless. We are leaving tomorrow after work, and then Saturday is my sister’s birthday. I decided to make cupcakes, so at 12:01 am, we can have cake! I also made Peanut Butter cookies from Smitten Kitchen (yum!). For dinner, I had an english muffin with dijon mustard, turkey and tomato. I have to iron and pack, make food and clean up a little. Not much time to waste! Here is dinner, cookies and cupcakes. 

I probably won’t be able to post until Saturday, unless I post quickly from work tomorrow. In any case, I’m going to take loads of photos. Can’t wait!!



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